10th World Tamil Research Conference (WTC)

10th World Tamil Research Conference (WTC)

On behalf of the World Tamil Research Conference (WTC) team, We would like to thank you for your continued support over the years in both participating as well as funding to preserve and enrich our Tamil traditions and culture.

We are  honored to invite you to our upcoming 10th World Tamil Research Conference (WTC) to be held in Chicago. This event will take place at the Schaumburg Convention Centre, Schaumburg, IL, USA from 4th to 7th July 2019.

This will be a historical event with two days of cultural extravaganza and two days of research conference and entrepreneurship meet (GTEN) with an expected audience of over 6000 attendees from around the world. The conference offers an outstanding platform to display the rich heritage and significance of Tamil language and culture.

To grace this occasion, we have invited several Tamil Scholars from around the world, political figures from various states including governor, senators and congressman. We have also invited several eminent artists, poets, performers and academicians from all over the world.


This event is non-political and non-religious in nature, the core value for this conference is to preserve and nurture our ancient Tamil language, culture and literature. We could not have accomplished our goals so far without the sincere support, involvement and enthusiasm of our committed patrons and volunteers. Your donations have impacted our efforts in preserving Tamil language, literary works, arts and crafts, traditions which have helped us ladder up our overall accomplishments and progress till date.

We look forward to your patronage of this event and presence along with your family and friends to make this a memorable event. For additional information visit https://fetnaconvention. org

10th World Tamil Research Conference (WTC)

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