Inviting you to donate THAMIZH books

- Jayanthi Sankar -My dear good friends, Hope all is well with you and your families. I am very glad to introduce Baskar. Through SRK (No, ????not Shah Rukh Khan, Sathyarajkumar), just days ago, I just got to know Baskar who is president of the famous Tamil school in Washington DC area and he is tirelessly working for recognition of Tamil in US government establishments. Successfully included Tamil for foreign language credits in all the high schools of few counties in this area. Added Pongal to the list of official festival in the State of Virginia (First state to recognize Pongal). Officially added Tamil books to the county libraries here so the books will be available through the library system. Even people can search and get the receipt in Tamil from the kiosks in those libraries. 

Importantly, let me make it very clear that I am taking this initiative voluntarily, not because I was asked/expected to. I am doing this in the common interest of our language. Just trying to support in the little possible way when I came to know of the huge cause that Baskar is taking forward.

So, what am I (Jayanthi) expecting from you all friends?
Well, I hope you could all donate THAMIZH books to those libraries in the State of Virginia, USA.

What kind of THAMIZH books to donate?
If you are only a reader, any title/s that are worthy of reading. Those that are in good condition.  Your own titles if you are an author.  You can include the titles of other authors as well. Those who love Thamizh so much and can also afford, could even order and arrange to send directly to Baskar.

Ideally, 2 copies of each title. But only one copy also should be welcome. Baskar would clarify that when you contact him.

By shipping/courier. Please remember to wrap them with waterproof sheets before packing in a carton. I am aware that this process requires spending. Most of us would happily do that. When you contact Baskar, he will suggest how to do this to those of you who have books to donate but cant afford to spend on this.

Contact info?
Baskar will share with you the address and as and when you should interest and involvement through your response.


By when?
Ideally, by this month end. But I am sure Baskar would include those that reach later in the next batch.

Further details?
I have cced Baskar. Therefore you can contact him directly. Kindly drop me out of the loop as this is only an intro to the several dozens of you friends.

Lets do our best in this, this year, and the years ahead. This has to be an ongoing process, I am sure. Look forward to book donations from you.

With the best of regards, 

Jayanthi Sankar <>
Jul. 31 at 11:23 p.m.