Australia: No Detention Without Appeal

This mothers day, Ranjini and her two sons, aged 6 and 8, faced their fourth night of indefinite detention – without charge, without trial, without appeal. Ranjini was verified as a refugee last year after fleeing the civil war in Sri Lanka. On Thursday night, she was told to pick up her kids from school in Melbourne and meet Department of Immigration officials. ASIO had given her an averse security finding. They were flown to Sydney and detained in Villawood detention centre, where they will stay indefinitely. They have no right of appeal. 46 other refugees are currently detained under the same circumstances. On Friday morning, one of them, Kumar, attempted suicide in a Melbourne detention facility.  No matter what, we mustn’t allow anyone – let alone children – to be detained indefinitely without charge, trial or appeal. A Parliamentary Committee has already recommended that there should an independent review and appeals process for ASIO findings – a basic principle of justice.

Add your name before this petition is delivered to the Attorney-General and Immigration Minister. Attorney-General Nicola Roxon and Immigration Minister Chris Bowen, In Australia no person should be held indefinitely without charge, trial or appeal. Please ensure that ASIO findings can be appealed and independently reviewed. SIGN THE PETITION