Tamil Resource Centre Presents “Voice of the Theatre”

We sincerely welcome you and really appreciate your presence which will definitely encourage our artists.

 1. Adele’s Handkerchief- A Play (Tamil)

This play depicts the atrocities committed against women in wars. The story takes place in Java, Indonesia in the 1940s. Japan, between the years of 1941 and 1942, brings Java under its control. Thereafter, Dutch and Javanese women sexually assaulted by the Japanese army. In the play, a Dutch descent Adele who presently lives in Canada, tells her story recalling the past. Adele along with other women was brought by force to a Japanese army camp as sex slaves. Eleanor, a Dutch-Javanese woman who hailed from a family of prostitutes under the Dutch regime, was also brought to take care of these women. This is a story that tells the emotional, moral struggle between these two women. We are confident that this play will also add its voice towards the justice of women who are sexually assaulted during wars.

Play Written and Directed by P.A.Jayakaran

2. Uyirppu- Dance Drama

In the villages of Southern India, there are many festivities to celebrate the birth of a child. During these festivities a tree is planted to commemorate such a special occasion. Today we follow the story of a young girl who grows up with the tree planted on the day of her birth.  We see how much she truly cares for her tree and as she grows she reads to her tree and plays games with it.  Through her imagination, she truly becomes attached to the spirit of her tree and it becomes her best friend. We follow her through adolescence and as she matures into a young woman. She falls in love, and brings her new love to meet her tree. When she marries, she is forced to leave her tree behind. After having lost it’s best friend, the tree struggles through a severe drought.  Having no contact or communication with it’s best friend, the tree slowly gives into the severe drought and dies. Years later, she returns with her husband and her two young children. She is devastated when she realizes her best friend is no longer there. She becomes heartbroken and blames her parents for neglecting the tree she loves so much. As she tries to deal with such a painful loss, her children find among the scraps a new sapling which has emerged from the remains of her dear friend. The family relocates the sapling so her children may grow up with this young tree as she did. The spirit of friendship resonates through our generations and cycle of life carries on through our world. 

Choreographed and Directed by natyakalamani Vasantha Daniel

October 22, 2011 – 6:00 P.M
October 23, 2011 – 4:00 P.M

Yorkwoods Library Theatre
1785 Finch Ave West

Admission: $10 (General), $5 (Student & Seniors)

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